Sensors/Embedded Sensing:
Research, design, prototyping and production of sensors (inductive, magnetic, capacitive, ultrasonic, photoelectric, microwave, LASER, safety devices, bar code readers and embedded sensors). Design of precision mechanical components and casings.



Adds functions to the product by realized complex and miniaturized turnkey electronic systems, based on dedicated ICs, ASICs, SoCs, microprocessors, non-volatile memory, A/D interfaces and RF interfaces. The solutions can achieve extremely high performance levels, very small form factors and are impossible to copy while they reduce energy consumption (suitable for battery-powered and RF systems) and costs for high production volumes.



Printed Circuit Board/PCBA technologies:
High integration of printed circuits. Thin tracks, laser micro-vias, direct imaging, SBU (Sequential Build-Up), flexible and rigid circuits. Special materials such as: FR4, Polyimide, Teflon, Kapton, thermount. Complete testing included in the process (AOl, electrical, final). A "Manufacture-oriented" design with tight schedule prototyping.


    System-in-Package technologies:
SIP integrates the functionalities of electronic systems, i.e. active electronic devices and integrated circuits, passive components, antennas, sensors, etc., in the same package instead of the same semiconductor substrate or chip, as in System-on-Chip (SoC) approach. The "package" is an advanced version of the well-known Printed Circuit Board (PCB), which can be viewed as a complex network of interconnections between different electronic systems.
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