• Unaffected by vibration, color, clear on clear or metallic foils
  • High Speed label counting
  • Presence check of paper and plastic labels
  • Detection of overlapping/splicing
  • Control of paper thickness
  • Detection of splicing

  Label Sensor
Product Download Frequency Output Voltage Gap

Capacitve clear on clear/ opaque non metallic MCR2 30kHz PNP/NPN 11-26VDC .8mm
Capacitive tear and strip detection MCR5 30kHz PNP/NPN 11-26VDC .8mm
Capacitive multifunction, clear, opaque, metallic, semi-metallic MCR6 30kHz PNP/NPN 11-26VDC .8mm
Ultrasonic high speed, multifunction, hot stamp detection, large gap possible MCRU 100µs PNP/NPN 11-26VDC 4.1mm