The MLS signature laser Time of Flight; MLS4 and MLS9 series offers un-paralleled ranges, precision level resolution and the performance you would expect from an industry leader. Whether you have a difficult industrial measurement application or a specialty long range need; this suite of professional-level systems has the capability to solve even the most complex measurement project.

Time of Flight technology operates by utilizing a modulated laser beam, which measures the time light takes to travel to the target and back. The time delay is measured by comparing phase measurement and range to frequency to achieve greater stability and resolution accuracy.

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  MLS4 advanced laser displacement  

• Time of Flight laser-resolutions down to 0.9mm
• 300-4000mm full flight view-analog range
• 4 digit visible integrated display
• 2x digital (PNP or NPN) +1 analog 4-20mA RS485
• Digital signal processor with intelligent logic
• High shock and vibration resistance

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  MLS9 ultra long range laser displacement  

• Ranges accurate through 500 Meters
• 25Hz speed on moving targets
• External display capabilities
• External trigger capabilities
• Industrial grade housing w/heating available
• Expert system-wide military-civilian applications
• Special versions and software options

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