When applications demand intelligent sensor systems;
Pre-Vision is the only logical choice; some projects need only 256 or 1024 pixels and can be solved for less time and expense than costly Vision Systems. The Pre-Vision: Digital Multifunction Line Sensors, MCD2 and MCD5 offer analog outputs, multi platform programs for; edge control, diameter control, position control, sag control and height measurements.

These advanced systems use base pixel technology to solve complex problems using teach in programs and PC based software for easy user interfaces.


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  MCD2 Pre-vision Line Sensor  

• 256 Pixel CCD Line Sensor
• Geometric Control
• Position and edge control
• Detection of gaps and cracks
• 3 Program modes
• No PC necessary, Teach In surface
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  MCD5 Intelligent Line Sensor  

• 1024 Pixel CCD Line Sensor
• Control of completeness, position and geometry
• Sag control
• PC based software
• Position, edge and width control of moving parts
• 5 Available measurement programs
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