The MLS Laser Displacement Sensor series uses the principles of triangulation coupled with the latest generation of charge-coupled device (CCD) camera technology; a powerful integrated image sensor consisting of an integrated circuit with an array of linked capacitors sensitive to light.

This Class 2 laser sends a precision beam of visible projected laser light on to the target surface creating a highly accurate spot position from which to measure. The reflected light from the surface is viewed from an angle by the CCD line scan camera and the target's distance is computed to within .6µm; when you add the blazing response times, hyper-accurate resolutions and the integration of texture-mapping compensation for color and surface variations; the MLS series delivers.

These critical systems are engineered to exacting quality standards; created to resist difficult production and testing environments; high shock and vibrations applications and general abuse at the hands of real world interactions.


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  MLS1 advanced laser displacement  

• CCD laser - resolution down to 10µm
• Texture-Mapping-Compensation
• 9 ranges and resolutions 30-4000mm
• Insensitive to color variations and shock resistant
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    MLS7 advanced laser displacement  
  • CCD laser - resolution down to 0.6µm
• Texture-Mapping-Compensation
• 6 ranges and resolutions 5-200mm
• Ability to synchronize (2) sensors
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  MLS7-25 advanced laser displacement  

• CCD laser - resolution down to 50µm
• Texture-Mapping-Compensation
• High shock rating- 20g
• Specialty road and track measurement
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