These precise and robust analog output measurement devices are utilized in a wide variety of critical applications; non contact distance measurements on metal targets, the control of wire and cable production, and as alternatives to costly LVDT’s. These sensors are available with ranges to 10mm and outputs available in 0-10Vdc and
4-20mA (both inversely proportional & directly proportional).

Finer resolution available in our laser systems
laser displacement

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  Eddy Current/ Analog Inductive Proximity

0-10V & 4-20mA
Product Download Connection Range Shielded Range Unsheilded Housing Part Series

8mm eddy current X08.15 2m cable, M12 0-4mm   Stainless X08DB3Z
12mm eddy current X12.14 2m cable, M12 0-6mm   Metal-NBT X12DB4Y
12mm eddy current X12.15 2m cable, M12 1-3mm   Metal-NBT X12DB4Z
18mm eddy current X18.17 2m cable, M12 0-10mm   Metal-NBT X18DB4Y
18mm eddy current X18.36 2m cable, M12 2-6mm  3-8mm Metal-NBT X18DB3K